Fast, fixed-price boiler repairs in Hull - only £89

Boil­er let­ting you down and need a fast repair? We will repair a sin­gle fault on your boil­er, or cen­tral heat­ing sys­tem, for a fixed price of just £89, includ­ing spare parts to the val­ue of £45.

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Single fault fixed for a fixed price of £89

Including labour and up to £45 of spare parts.

  • Free* boiler service
  • Free* system health check
  • Free* three months boiler and central heating breakdown cover
  • Same day service - if you call before 11am

*Terms and Conditions
One Off Repair:

Fixed rate of £89 includes one repair to fix a single fault to you gas boiler or heating or gas system plus 1 hours labour. Parts costs limited to £45 per single repair. We may charge you extra if we find additional faults you have not told us about. We will make sure you are aware of this prior to completing repairs. The total cost of £89 will be charged even if we have not used the total value of parts to the value of £45 but only if we have got your system back up and running. Repairs completed to your boiler or heating or gas system and parts supplied include a 12 month guarantee. If we cannot repair your boiler, gas supply or heating system or we fail to get your system back up and running because parts are obsolete then we will refund your payment. If you decide not to go ahead with your repair once we have attended and diagnosed the fault to your boiler then the full amount of £89 will be charged.

Free Boiler Service, Safety Check & Free Boiler Cover
We will service your boiler and complete a system health check free of charge when 3 months free boiler & central heating cover is accepted when purchased as a one off repair. Free boiler cover will only be offered if the boiler & system is subject to our list of approved boilers and systems. You can enquire about our list of approved boilers and systems by phoning us. If required, consumables including but not limited to seals and gaskets will be charged extra if required in order to complete your service. If parts are unavailable then we will make you aware of this and withdraw the free service and cover option at no extra cost to you.

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