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What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

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What type of boiler do you currently have?

A combi boiler heats water directly via the mains, for central heating, taps and showers. You won't have a hot water cylinder or cold water tank.
If you have a tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder you are likely to need a standard (heat only) boiler.
A system boiler needs a hot water cylinder, but it takes water directly from the mains. This means you will not have a cold water tank in the loft.
Back boilers are fitted behind fireplaces and often found in older homes. They are sometimes an integral part of your gas fire.
Step 2

Do you want to convert to a combi boiler?

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Step 2

Do you want to convert to a combi boiler?

Step 2

How quickly does your water come out of your cold tap?

Step 2

Where is your current boiler?

Step 2

Do you want your boiler in a different place?

Step 2

Where do you want your new boiler?

Step 2

Where is your airing cupboard?

Step 3

Which of these best describe your home?

Step 4

How many bedrooms do you have?

Step 5

How many radiators do you have?

Step 6

How many bathtubs do you have, or plan to have?

Please only count bathtubs, not the whole bathroom.

Step 7

How many separate showers do you have, or plan to have in future?

Please do not count showers over bathtubs, only count shower cubicles.

Step 8

Do you have an electric shower?

Step 8

Is it a power shower?

Step 8

Is the pump separated from the shower?

Step 10

Where does your flue come out?

Step 10

Is your flue on a sloped roof or flat roof?

Step 10

Where on the roof is it positioned?

Step 10

Is it square or round?

Step 10

How close to the ground is your flue?

Step 10

How close to another property is your flue?

Step 10

Is the flue under a carport, balcony or other structure?

Sometimes called a lean-to or shelter.

Step 10

Is the flue 30cm or more from a door or window?

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