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Energy Saving Myths Explained ...

Energy Saving Myths Explained ...

We all want to run our homes as efficiently as we can, but there is some confusing information out there. According to the Energy Saving Trust, almost 78% of people (claim to understand how to use their heating controls, but many turned out to be using them incorrectly. Here we’ve compiled a list of the top four myths that could be causing you to burn energy and money in your home.

1. Turning the heating up when it’s cold outside.
So many of us do this, but in fact it is unnecessary. A thermostat should maintain a constant desired temperature whatever the weather conditions outside. Placement of your thermostat is important; it should not be placed in direct sunlight or to close to a heat source.

2. It’s cheaper to have your heating on low all the time
This will cost you more money. The most efficient way of heating your home is to use a timer or a thermostat or a combined timer and thermostst, but if you don’t have one, just switch your heating on manually only when you need it to save gas.

3. Leaving your hot water on constantly
Untrue. If you have a conventional system with a hot water storage cylinder just heat enough water to satisfy your requirments. By leaving the hot water on constantly you are paying to heat hot water that you don’t need.

4. Turn up the thermostat to heat your home more quickly
Your home won’t heat any more quickly this way, but when it does, it will be hotter. This is actually a way to waste energy by having your home warmer than you need it. If you have a timer set this to come on 15 minutes before you arrive home or before you get up in a morning. Some modern controls can allow you to set your heating to come on remotely via your internet connectio and be controlled from anywhere in the world. Time it right and you won’t need to spend time in a cold home.

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Posted on 18th Feb 2015 12:41:39 by Julian

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