04 February 2022

Higher Energy Prices

A rise in the nation's energy price cap has been announced, and with it will come a rise in the average household's heat bill.

The average UK household's power bill is expected to increase by £693. Although the chancellor has stepped in and promised a support package of £350, this will no doubt worry many.

The energy regulator Ofgem has had this to say;

“We know this rise will be extremely worrying for many people, especially those who are struggling to make ends meet, and Ofgem will ensure energy companies support their customers in any way they can.

Pexels pixabay 209224

“The energy market has faced a huge challenge due to the unprecedented increase in global gas prices, a once in a 30-year event, and Ofgem’s role as energy regulator is to ensure that, under the price cap, energy companies can only charge a fair price based on the true cost of supplying electricity and gas.”

So, if you want to lower your heating bills, upgrading your boiler could be the best solution. The more efficient your boiler is, the less fuel it will need to provide you with heat or hot water. So if you replace an old inefficient boiler with a brand new model, you’ll be able to save money each month.

If you’re looking to save money by using less fuel then boiler efficiency is the key. Here are a few things you can do to make your boiler run more efficiently.

1. Annual boiler service - It’s so important to keep your boiler in tip-top condition – a gas engineer will carry out a thorough check and service, ensuring it stays in good working order.

2. Bleed the radiators - If you bleed your radiators every so often, you'll find that they'll keep you much warmer. A build up of air in the heating system can block the path of the hot water, which means that the top half of the radiator will stay cool while the bottom half stays warm.

3. Use a smart thermostat - With the greatest control comes greater efficiency. Give your heating system a voice of its own with leading smart thermostat models such as Nest and Hive, which include features like:
- Monitor and control the heating from a smartphone or tablet even when your outside of the property.
- Tracks weather conditions then automatically adjusts the heating
- Adapts to your unique home heating habits
- Through Geolocation technology, it will know when the property is empty so you never have to worry about leaving the heating on again.

And...what better way to improve your home comfort than by upgrading your old, inefficient boiler with a new, highly efficient one? Our Heating Heroes can help you find the best option for your property and then can offer you great prices on Boiler installations in Hull and East Yorkshire.