06 June 2022

Boiler Supply Chain - June 2022

We can confirm that the latest reports of shortages of new boilers for the UK market are in actual fact beginning to filter through the supply and installer network. The first indications of supply chain problems in the heating sector because of electronic component shortages made the news in late 2021.

2 of our 4 main suppliers are experiencing significant delays for as long as 8 weeks or more. The global availability and shortage of semi conductors is now a well known issue and appears to be impacting some manufacturers more than others. The worst affected within our supply network appears to be Vaillant, who are experiencing shortages that are leading to delays in supply for as long as 8 weeks or more, depending on the model.

Vaillant Factory

What are Aqua Shield doing about this?

We are working closely with with our wholesalers and manufacturers directly and have invested heavily into stock where available.

Managing Director, Julian McCann has said:

“We can confirm that we have enough stock that we have sourced via our network and are on track to be able to supply an uninterrupted supply of Ideal, Vokera and to some level, Worcester Bosch boilers. We're doing all we can with the supply of Vaillant boilers, however in some cases Vaillant lead times are extending to 8 weeks or more. We are confident that in the majority of cases we can supply our customers with a new replacement boiler within our normal service level timescales"

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