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01 June 2023

Ever Wondered if Air Conditioning is Worth The Investment?

When those hot days and nights arrive, have you thought about the installing air conditioning in your home? If so, read on and we’ll explain some of the real benefits in having a modern air conditioning system installed in your home…


1. Better Quality Sleep

The quality of the sleep we get is important to both our physical and mental health. It gives our bodies and minds time to relax and recuperate from the days stresses and strains. Awaking refreshed following a sound nights sleep is as important as any other aspect for our overall health and well being.

The biggest disturbances to our sleep in the summer months is course the heat that builds up during the day in our homes. Making it, at times impossible to rest and gain a good nights sleep during the night. Leading to fatigue during the following day.

A modern and new air conditioning system works quietly in the background maintaining a comfortable and pleasant temperature to provide a comfortable sleeping environment that ensures your body get the rest it needs.

2. Improved Air Quality

The air we breathe in our homes is significantly important to our health. Those that suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions can find the sticky and humid summer months incredibly uncomfortable. Air Conditioning filters purify the air we breathe to remove pollutants, catching airborne dust particles and even neutralise fungi, microbes and bacteria. Those who suffer from hay fever benefit highly as the need to keep a window open to stay cool is eradicated and the hay fever sufferer gets neutralised air to breathe.

3. Humidity in Your Home

A new air conditioning system in your home s the most reliable way to control humidity. Damp and mould caused by humidity can make asthma worse, cause allergic reactions, and even sustain harmful bacteria.

Increased levels of humidity can lead to problems within your property and the health of the people living there. When the water vapour content in the air increases for sustained amounts of time, this leads to the growth of mould and other problems including the rotting of the wooden structures in you home.

4. A Heat Source in the Winter

The majority of new air conditioning systems installed are able to provide heat in addition to cooling. They are in actual fact a heat pump and technically referred to as an air to air heat pump. Modern air conditioning systems are extremely reliable and energy efficient. Typically an air conditioning system installed by Aqua Shield will have an energy efficiency rating of A+++ for AC and A+ for Heating.

Air conditioning systems that include heating functionality are a very low carbon alternative to traditional wet central heating systems and more and more people annually are replacing conventional systems with entire air conditioning systems (air to air heat pumps) to both cool and heat their homes.

5. Cost Effective & Easy to Install

Having a modern air conditioning system installed is mostly unobtrusive and a single unit can normally be installed in as little as one day. Running costs are low and the benefits are extremely beneficial. As the summers get warmer and longer air conditioning is becoming more and more an essential part of our homes in order to make the comfort and quality of our lives more civilised, Prices start at only £1,795 (JUL 2023) for a single unit by Daikin, Bosch or Fujitsu and come as standard with a 5 year warranty.

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