04 April 2020

Covid 19 - Safety Measures

What Aqua Shield are Doing.

We are fully prepared and have been since Monday 23rd March. Our office teams are set up with systems to work from home and our boiler installation a service Engineers are set up with top notch safety equipment including pathogen grade respiratory masks, defra approved anti viral chemicals, chemical grade gloves and washable rubber suits.Our priority is to protect our staff and ensure they are 100% safe. We have to make sure the jobs we are attending are absolute emergencies until further notice.

Covid 19 is spreading throughout our county and cases are doubling every 3 days!

Please remember our staff have families too, some have partners who are pregnant. Our staff have exactly the same responsibilities and anxieties as everyone else. We must ensure that they are only attending jobs that are genuine emergencies, in line with Covid 19 safety guidelines.

It’s very important that all of us follow our governments advice and we must do everything to reduce the spread of this virus to protect our very brave NHS workers and our amazing NHS System.

Covid Boiler Action

We are committed to assisting all of our customers when you need us in an emergency. Our office team will advise you of procedures when an Engineer is attending your home.

Work together and this amazing country will beat this.

Thanks to you, our faithful and loyal customers from all of us here at Aqua Shield. Please stay safe.