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18 April 2024

Air Conditioning to Heat Your Home Too

Air to air heat pump or air to water heat pump. Which is best? Well that’s not as easy to answer as you might hope for as everyone’s home and requirements are unique to them. If you’re home is a new build then perhaps an air source heat pump is the best choice, or perhaps you want to cool your home too, in this case air to air is possible a better option. What if your home is 30 years old and you’re looking to retro-fit and take out your old system. This article may help you understand what an air to air (air conditioning system) is capable of in your home and if it’s right for you.

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Air to Air (Air Conditioning).

Air to air heat pumps (Air conditioning) systems are an alternative to traditional wet central heating systems when you, the homeowner chooses to upgrade an old conventional system, i.e. gas boiler and radiators to benefit from a more energy efficient home.

We are specifying more and more air to air systems than ever before as customers seek an alternative and a greener source of heating for their homes as gas prices continue to soar.

Air to Water (Wet Heat Pump).

Of course. we also have air to water (Heat pumps) solutions which are again a green source of heating, however, when discussing the overall installation process with a customer and the amount of disruption involved, in most cases an air to air system is specified as the costs are lower and the installation process less intrusive.

We are fully committed to heat pumps (Air to water) and they really do have a part to play, however they are not an ideal product to fit to homes retrospectively, however they can be a great choice for a new build property. The majority of UK householders, when looking to improve their efficiency will be retro fitting a new heating, cooling and water system. If this is you, then read on.

Air to Air (Air Conditioning) as a Complete Heat and Cooling Source.

If you are looking to fit a new green system to your existing home then here are some reasons why an air to air (Air conditioning) system may be a better choice for you against an air to water heat pump.

- Less intrusive installation
- No need to replace pipe work and radiators
- No need for oversized radiators
- Cooling as well as heating
- Responsive and provides heat and cooling faster
- Cheaper to install than air to water heat pump
- Cosmetically more discrete than radiators
- Useable all year round
- Typically A+++ Rated for Heating
- Typically A++ Rated for Cooling
- Likely to me more efficient (Higher SCOP)

There are also considerations to make for hot water provision. A hot water cylinder can be specified with a built in heat pump. A high flow rate gas powered multipoint water heater or better still, if you have solar installed too you can use this to provide free energy to heat a conventional direct cylinder, add battery storage and things get even better.

Bathroom towel warmers can be taken care of with a simple conversion to use them with electricity and can be controlled individually, again, perfect where solar is installed.

The same can be applied to any other areas of your home of little use or footfall i.e. cloakrooms etc , where a minimal amount of heat is required for a small amount of time. A small individually controlled electric heater can be installed. A typical house will usually have 1 or 2 rooms if any at all where this provision is required.

So you really can become gas free and independent in your own home and reduce your energy costs significantly. Have individual control of each room and stay super cool in the summer, free up some extra wall space, save money and add significant value to your property at the same time.

Typical Costs (Estimate Only)

A typical air conditioning, heating and hot water installation cost between £7,000 to £14,000 depending on your property size, type and specification. A single air conditioning and heating system costs around £1,800. Additionally, following the revised tax savings on installing energy efficient products into domestic properties (April 2023) air to air heating and cooling systems now benefit from 0% VAT, so the savings here alone can be significant.

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